ELA Grade 6

Jack and Terry Mannion MS

e-mail: stokib@nv.ccsd.net


Biography Project

I have assigned the Bio in a Bag project before the Thanksgiving break to provide an opportunity for students to have a wider range of family members to interview. Students will present the assignment in front of the class, and the presentations are scheduled for Dec. 6 and 7. The essay part of the project is due on 12/12.

More information in resources.

Countries Compare/Contrast Project

Students will conduct research of two countries of their choice in Culturegrams (that can only be accessed in school). The project will be completed in Google Classroom in the computer lab on 12/03,12/04, and 12/06, and the project can be accessed at home if the student needs more time.

Greek and Latin Roots Homework

Find help for roots homework here https://wordpandit.com/english-word-roots/ .


Pay attention to deadlines for assignments

  • Language packets are due every Friday
  • Novel packets are due on Thursdays
  • Roots worksheets are due on Wednesdays

Make sure students have all the materials!!!


We will begin reading a new novel in third quarter.

In the meantime, students are encouraged to read "Like a River: a Civil War Novel" for the Principal's Book Chat on November 29.

REMEMBER! Check your Infinite Campus regularly.


Please come to my class with following supplies:

  • Binder of any size
  • Index dividers (5 tab divider for my class)
  • Lined paper - plenty of it
  • Pencils - stock up
  • Erasers
  • Red correcting pen
  • "Marble" composition notebook - 100 sheets
  • Stick glue

Tissue paper and Band-Aids would be appreciated.

Thank you!