Using Data to Inform School Planning


Important information about how to most effectively engage in this training

This training will be most effective when the entire SOT participates in the training as a group using using data particular to their school. In the folder to the right, a Facilitator's Guide has been provided (in the "Accompanying Documents" folder) with instructions to the school principal regarding what types of information and data they should prepare for this training along with discussion activities for the Team throughout the video.

The folder contains the full video training along with all accompanying documents.

Note for principals: The CCSD Datalab, available at is the primary source for a variety of data principals can access about their school. Datalab has visualizations for enrollment demographics, districtwide survey results, grades and grade distributions, and behavior. Principals can prepare information for their Teams using Datalab visualizations, but must keep in mind FERPA guidelines when sharing any information.

For information on specific parts of this training, click on the links below. Please keep in mind that while these pages contain valuable guidance, again, this information will be most useful when viewed in context with your school's data. It is highly suggested that Teams engage in the full video training with discussions relevant to their school's data (see above).