Strategic Budgets

Strategic budgets are a key part of school planning. Through this process, schools are empowered to make decisions about how to best utilize their resources to improve student learning. One of the roles of School Organizational Team members is to advise and assist the school principal on the development of their budget. This page provides training materials and resources to help team members better understand the strategic budget.

If you want to view the full video training for Strategic Budgets, the video and all accompanying documents can be accessed in the folder to the right.

For information on specific parts of this training, click on the links below.

Please note: These resources are designed primarily to support School Organizational Teams in understanding school strategic budgets. Team members may have additional questions about where the money in strategic budgets originates and how it gets distributed, along with questions about the District's budget as whole. For more information on these topics, please visit The Finance Fridays web series is also a useful resource.