Principal Selection Process

One of the functions of the School Organizational Team is to assist with the selection of a new principal in the event of a vacancy. School Associate Superintendents will work with SOTs throughout the selection process and are available to answer questions the SOT may have.

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Process to Select a New School Principal

  1. The SOT will create a list of preferred qualifications that they believe are important for the next school principal. The School Associate Superintendent will request these qualifications from the Team Chair. These qualifications will help inform the interview questions.
  2. The position will be posted and applicants will undergo an internal screening process. The pool of applicants will be narrowed to a list of three to five candidates.
  3. The School Associate Superintendent will contact the SOT to schedule candidate interviews. The entire SOT is invited to participate in these interviews.
      • The District is held to a very high standard of equity and fairness regarding how potential employees are interviewed. This means that the interview questions must be the same for each candidate and asked in the same order in every interview. This also means that no additional questions can be added during the interview, which might create an advantage, or even a disadvantage, for one of the candidates. The School Associate Superintendent will provide the Team with more detailed information about the expectations and requirements for participating in the CCSD interview process.
  4. After the interviews, the SOT will recommend one candidate for a final interview. If a Team cannot agree on one candidate to recommend, up to three candidate names may be submitted.
  5. The Superintendent, Chief Academic Officer, and one member of the SOT chosen by the Team will interview the recommended candidate(s).
  6. Per Nevada Law, the Superintendent will make the final hiring decision in consultation with the School Associate Superintendent.
      • On occasion, there may be times when the final selection differs from the Team’s recommendation. This may include any of the initial, prescreened candidates. If the Superintendent does not select a team's recommended candidate, he or she will not always be able to share the reason why due to maintaining the privacy of potential candidates.
  7. The Human Resources Division will make the final selection public by announcing the new principal.