Opening up lines of Communication

Diskin Elementary School

Copy of Disken Feature 01.mp4

The administration and staff of Diskin Elementary School think of their school as a central gathering place for the community, and its School Organizational Team has worked hard to make this vision a reality. The team has especially focused on opening up avenues of communication between the school and parents, and has already seen positive results from their efforts. This video explores some of the initiatives they have undertaken, and how these have benefitted Diskin's climate and culture.

Thoughts for Sots

Watching this video with your School Organizational Team? Consider using the following questions and prompts to discuss what can be learned from Diskin's story and think about the implications for your team's work.

  • What are the benefits of discussing consensus building and setting norms for SOTs? How does this set the stage for the work of the team?
  • What are some of the ways Diskin solicited feedback from parents? How does your school currently get feedback from parents and what other methods might you want to consider?
  • How does communication currently happen between the school and families? Are current communication practices effective? Are there any changes to communication that you may want to explore?
  • Think about how family nights and other activities are currently scheduled at your school. Are they scheduled to provide the greatest potential accessibility for parents? What might prevent family members from attending? Based on your discussion, how might you consider changing how events are scheduled?