Climate and culture

A positive school climate and culture is a crucial element of successful schools that cultivate student success. It's at the heart and soul of education – it compels students, families, staff, and the larger community to embrace their school and want to be a part of making it great. Let's begin by defining what exactly school climate and culture are:

  • School climate can best be explained as the overall "feel" that you get when you walk into a school building. When a student, staff member, or community member walks into a school, what can they sense? The school's instructional and physical environments, along with the attitudes of staff and students, all contribute to overall the school climate.
  • School culture is the collective behaviors, beliefs, and values of the school community.

Education researcher Steve Gruenert provides a helpful way to think about the difference between climate and culture. He compares culture to an organization's "collective personality" and climate to its collective attitude. The two concepts are clearly intertwined, but knowing how they are similar and different is useful for understanding how they impact each other and how they can be addressed.

Administrators, staff, students, and families are working hard every day to create positive climate and culture in schools across the Clark County School District.

Each of the stories below will take you inside a school where climate and culture is prioritized throughout the building. As you learn about the processes and tools these schools use to develop climate and culture, think about what approaches might be useful to consider at your school. Be sure to check back here as well, as this section will be continually updated with new stories.

In addition to the features below, a longer, more comprehensive training video on climate and culture along with facilitation materials can be accessed here, if you feel that your School Organizational Team could benefit from a more in-depth training.

Elementary Schools

Kesterson Elementary School (coming soon)

Rundle Elementary School (coming soon)

Indian Springs K-12 School (coming soon)

Middle Schools

Del Webb Middle School (coming soon)

Garrett Junior High School (coming soon)

high Schools

Las Vegas High School (coming soon)

Coronado High School (coming soon)