District Developed Digital Content

The Online & Blended Learning Department of the Clark County School District (CCSD) is assisting schools, administrators, and teachers in meeting their 21st Century educational goals by creating district developed digital content that is specifically aligned to the Nevada Academic Content Standards (NVACS), and CCSD benchmarks.

Content In Canvas

Each of the district developed digital courses have been created in the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) which allows teachers to customize their own personalized digital classroom content for online or blended classroom delivery.

District developed digital courses include the following.

  • Complete courses with instruction, quizzes, and assignments.
  • Rubrics for all assignments.
  • Both formative and summative assessments.
  • Customizable options to allow teacher modifications.
  • Teacher’s guides.
  • Full alignment with NVACS and CCSD pacing guides.

To learn more about district developed digital content view the following:

Then, use the instruction sheet below to learn to import content:

Content In Curriculum Engine

In addition to the full course being available in Canvas, teachers who choose not to use Canvas can still access the lessons through a calendar layer in Curriculum Engine. The calendar layer provides links to the the lesson content, the teacher guide for each lesson which you can use to begin your lesson plans, as well as a student notebook document for each lesson for each of the courses listed below. Teachers may provide the links to the lessons and notebooks to their students, for students to use as well. To see what is available, teachers may login to Curriculum Engine and subscribe to any available BlendED calendar layer.

All currently available courses are listed below. Click on any available course to view the course overview, or view the associated Canvas demo lesson. Please note, the demo lesson is only a sample lesson of what is available in a full course. The demo is not the entire course.

Middle School Course Listing

High School Course Listing