What is Canvas?

The Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) is a user-friendly and flexible program that takes all the requirements of a physical classroom online. It can be used to facilitate a blended learning classroom, fully online courses, professional development, or online conferencing. Canvas LMS is integrated with CCSD’s student information system (SIS), Infinite Campus, in order to enroll students as well as pass grades from Canvas LMS to Infinite Campus SIS. Additionally, Canvas integrates with Google’s online tools to make a powerful online learning experience.

How do I login to Canvas?

  • Teachers and students may login to Canvas using their AD login credentials at The login page looks like the page shown.
    • If you are unsure of your login information or need to reset it, click the link that says "Trouble logging in" to reset your password.
  • Parents can create a parent account to view their students progress in Canvas at
    • Simply click the button at the bottom above the Canvas logo that says "Parent's get accounts too, Click Here!".

Once logged in to Canvas LMS, you can navigate using your dashboard, as well as the global navigation in the left sidebar.

Sample Canvas Login Page

What resources are available for employees using Canvas?

The Canvas Conference for CCSD employees is an informational conference about the Canvas LMS. In this conference, you can learn more about using Canvas through discussions, training, additional resource documents, and links.

To access the Canvas Conference, click the link below, then login with your AD Login Credentials.