Apex Learning

Apex Learning is an online course management system used at the high school level in a multitude of ways to meet the individual needs of students. This program can be used for original credit, credit recovery, or for blended learning. Apex has some advanced placement and world language content as well. Apex is supported by the school’s Highly Qualified teachers and allows students to move through the assigned courses at their own pace.

How do I login to Apex?

If you are a student taking an apex course or a teacher who is teaching an Apex course, you can login to Apex Learning using the credentials provided to you by your location. Simply go to https://www.apexvs.com to access the login screen shown below.

What resources are available for Apex teachers?

If you are teaching Apex at your school, you may wish to visit the Apex Conference for CCSD employees to access resources to assist you with teaching an Apex class. The Apex Conference is located in Canvas, and you can Login with your AD credentials.