Registration for 2019-20

All students must be registered using Parent Portal Account on Infinite Campus.

  • Families with currently enrolled students in CCSD can complete registration using Parent Portal via Infinite Campus.
  • Families new to CCSD may begin their registration process via
  • Birth Certificate, Immunizations, and proof of address must be provided to your child’s school to complete the registration process, along with other docs. as needed.
  • If you have any questions or need assistance, please call our school at 702-799-3400.

Required Shots for 7th Graders

7th graders are required to get two different shots BEFORE they enter 7th grade, the Tdap and MCV4 Vaccination

Click here for more information

Student Lockers

Each student receives their own locker to keep their belongings during the day. Please take a few minutes to discuss locker guidelines with your child.

    • Students can only store their own belongings and must keep the lockers assigned to them. Locker is for your items only.
    • Food items will not be stored in lockers overnight.
    • Lockers are to be used to store school supplies and personal items necessary for use at school.
    • Due to safety and health concerns, the school reserves the right to open lockers.
    • Do not share your locker or locker combination with anyone else.

Parking Lot Access

For the safety of our students, as they walk to and from school each day, the gates to our parking lot will be closed during the times below:

    • 7:25am to 8:10am
    • 2:00pm to 2:30pm

Student ID Badges

For student safety, students must wear their student ID badges at all times while on campus. We ask for your assistance in making sure students bring and wear their ID badge every day. Every student received a student ID badge and lanyard for free. Please click here to read more about our Student ID Policy.

Apply for Free and Reduced Lunch

You must complete an application for each school year. If you did not complete this year’s application, you will have to pay full price for lunch.

Click here to apply