Our Staff

Gia Abeyegoonewardene,Senior

Jeremy Beckner,Junior

Michaela Woo,Senior

I've been in Video Productions for 4 years and have had a lot of fun. I'm one of the Assistant producers. I plan on going to college at The Art Institute for Film and Video. I then plan to go to California and start my career there.

Hello, I'm Jeremy Beckner, I'm a cinematographer and an Art Director. I see a lot of potential in the future for the program. We have a lot of talent. My goal for the program is creating beautiful looking videos and helping others create beautiful videos.

Hey Guys! I've Been in Video Productions for all 4 years, I am President of Speech and Debate and Assistant Director for this Video Program. I plan to study Pre Nursing at UNLV and minor in Video.

Kelsie Dayrit,Senior

Delaney Hull,Senior

Hannah Werner,Junior

Kelsie Dayrit is a senior and one of the executive producers. This is her third year in video productions. She likes and create meaningful videos and funny skits for both L6TV and Take 2. In the future she plans on becoming a film director.

Delaney is the Executive Editor for Video 3 and 4. She has been a part of video since her sophomore year and planes to pursue editing in her future.She wants to attend college for a major in film and a minor in education.

Hannah Werner is a Junior and an executive producer for L6TV. She primarily values making comedy skits for Take 2, taking on the role of writer and director. Hannah wants to have a career in the film industry.