English 12 Honors

Welcome to English 12 Honors!

Brief summary of class goals:

To prepare students for the demands of college and career level reading and writing, we will rely on an array of classic and contemporary literature as well as challenging informational texts relative to each unit of study. By reading the likes of global narratives, foundational U.S. documents, seminal works, and the writings of Shakespeare, students will build upon prior knowledge, gain novel insight, and broaden their perspectives. We will emphasize writing logical arguments devised from relevant and sound evidence. Additionally, research-both short, focused projects and longer term in depth assignments- will help hone analysis.

To further develop speaking and listening skills, students will readily engage in academic discussion; dialogue will be initiated in one on one, small group, and entire class settings. In order to expand students’ repertoire of words and their meanings, thus preparing them for real life experience in college and in twenty-first century careers, students will utilize, differentiate, and prefer formal English over its informal counterpart. Finally, to best prepare students for life after high school, cultivating a useful understanding of media and technology will be imperative. Critical analysis and the production of media and technology will be explored throughout each unit of study.

Please be sure to check this website regularly for course updates and assignment details.

Grading Category Division:

Writing 25%

Reading 25%

Language 20%

Speaking/Listening 20%

Classroom Based Learning 10%