Sentinel News

An Update On Returning To School

Alberto Arellano

On Thursday, November 12, The Clark County School Board met to consider whether or not to implement the Hybrid Transition plan to bring students back to in person learning. If the Board decides to go forward with the plan, students will go back to the classroom sometime around January or February.

The Hybrid plan splits students into 3 cohorts: A, B and C. Cohorts A and B will go to school for in person learning two days a week and spend the other 3 days in distance learning. Cohort C will continue to spend the school year entirely in distance learning. The reason behind the 3 cohorts is to give families the option to choose a schedule that fits their concerns.

During the School Board meeting, members cited concerns about student mental health, the recent spike in covid cases, and the practicality of the hybrid plan. "The elephant in the room, there are several elephants, but it is simply that I don't think this model is doable as it is right now," is one point Trustee Lina Cavasos made and several others echoed by making recommendations to the current plan.

Ultimately though, The School Board did not take any action on the plan but it is expected that the transition plan will be presented to the board again in their next meeting, which is scheduled for December 10.