Role of the sot


School Organizational Team members bring a wealth of experience and diverse perspectives to their roles. While principals ultimately have the final say in budget decisions because they are the ones accountable for the results at their school, team members can play a valuable role in advising and assisting in planning the budget.

Budget process and timeline

Schools begin work on their strategic budgets for the next school year in January of the current school year. This happens at the same time that schools begin working on their School Performance Plans for the next year. This is no coincidence. In order to create School Performance Plans, schools must analyze multiple sources of data to determine school needs, set measurable goals, and design action steps to meet those goals. The strategic budget then allows schools to allocate resources in alignment to their School Performance Plan.

Schools submit their strategic budgets for the next school year in the spring of the current school year, but will have a chance to revise their budgets in the fall, once they have actual student enrollment numbers and have had a chance to analyze the most recent data for their school.

Principals should communicate with their teams throughout the budgeting process, and ensure that updates and changes to the budget are shared and discussed.