Student Elections

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If the school enrolls students in grades 6 through 12, the School Organizational Team must have one member who is a student at the school. The student will be a non-voting member, but will provide assistance and advice. Students are the most important stakeholders we serve, and their voices can bring valuable awareness to the challenges and issues that are most important to them.

guidelines for student elections

  • The principal will determine how and when elections for the student member of the SOT will take place.
  • Student members must be elected by a vote of all students enrolled at a school. The student receiving the most votes will serve on the SOT.
  • Any student who attends a school may request to be placed on the SOT ballot.
  • Teachers or administrators may nominate students, but the student must agree before their name is placed on the ballot.
  • Principals may want to consider requiring parent or guardian permission for a student to be included on the ballot.