The First MEETING of the SOT

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The first meeting of the School Organizational Team will be conducted a bit differently than subsequent meetings. Because regular meeting procedures will not have been established yet, the principal will need to take the lead on planning the first meeting.

Principal responsibilities for the first sot meeting

  • The principal must set the time and location for the first meeting. The meeting must occur outside of licensed and support staff contract time, and be held in a location large enough for the Team and members of the public.
  • The principal must set the agenda for the first meeting. A sample first meeting agenda has been provided below. The agenda contains items required by law in addition to suggested best practices to ensure the Team functions effectively.
  • The principal must post the meeting time, location, and agenda on the school's website at least 3 working days prior to the meeting.

Checklist and guide for Teams to use when planning and conducting first meeting (available in English and Spanish)

02-First Meeting of the SOT.pdf
02b-First Meeting of the SOT_SPANISH.pdf

Sample first meeting agenda (customizable)

03-First Meeting Agenda Template.docx

Agenda items for the first SOT Meeting

  • The first item of business is to select a Chair and Vice Chair from among Team members.
      • The Principal will act as Chair until one is selected, but the principal CANNOT serve as the Chair or Vice Chair.
  • The Team will decide if they wish to include one or more community members on the Team and suggest candidates to invite.
  • It is suggested that the Team select someone to record minutes. Sample minutes and a customizable template have been provided to the right.
  • The Team should determine who will create agendas for future meetings. It is suggested that the Team Chair and principal work together to create agendas.
07-SOT Minutes Template.docx
08-SOT Sample Minutes.docx
  • The Team should discuss future meeting dates and times. Consider member schedules as well as providing for parent and public access.
  • The Team should decide who will be responsible for posting meeting announcements and agendas to the school website. These must be posted at least 3 working days prior to each meeting.
  • Members must understand the duties and function of the School Organizational Team. The document to the right (available in English and Spanish) explains these functions and may be beneficial to use for discussion during the meeting.
  • Teams should also spend time setting norms and procedures for future meetings. More guidelines and resources for this can be found here: Developing Norms and Procedures
04-Function of the SOT.docx
04b-Function of the SOT_SPANISH.docx