Developing Norms and Procedures

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Establishing norms

Norms establish the behaviors and practices that are agreeable and acceptable for the group. Norms help ensure that Teams work purposefully, respectfully, and that members of the team feel they are in a safe place to dialogue and use time effectively. The document to the right (available in Spanish and English) can be used by SOTs in order to aid in establishing norms.

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Establishing Procedures

In order for School Organizational Teams to run smoothly and effectively, Teams have to have procedures in place in addition to norms. Procedures refer to the structures that are in place to guide meeting processes such as discussion, voting, and addressing agenda items.

No matter what process your Team adopts, the most important thing is to have procedures that all members are comfortable with and will follow on a regular basis.

Parliamentary Procedure

Parliamentary Procedure refers to using a set of rules and procedures for formal meetings. Whatever specific rules a Team decides to use, the same set of procedures should be used for all meetings so that members of the public and the Team know what to expect. Refer to the document to the right (available in Spanish and English) for guidance on establishing the basics of Parliamentary Procedure.

A more formal system for running meetings is called "Robert's Rules of Order." Visit for more information.

06-Parliamentary Procedure Guide.pdf
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public comment guidelines

School Organizational Team meetings are required to be open to the public, and include a time for public comment. This means that at every School Organizational Team meeting, the public should be given an opportunity to comment on each agenda item, as well as on any other matter that falls within the Team’s advisory authority, even if the matter is not on the agenda.

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It is suggested that Teams provide the public information on the guidelines for public comment they establish, so that people wishing to speak know what to expect.

The document to the right (available in Spanish and English) provides a sample, customizable template for a Public Comment Guide.

10-Customizable Public Comment Guide.docx
10b-Customizable Public Comment Guide_SPANISH.docx