Approval of the Plan of Operation

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Principals and Teams will work together to create the Plan of Operation for their school. The Plan of Operation includes the strategic budget and the School Performance Plan. It may take Teams more than one meeting to assist and advise the principal with the plan.

Approval Process for the plan of operation

In the event that the plan violates a law and is not approved, the Associate Superintendent must:

  • Notify the principal of the reasons for not approving the Plan
  • Post these reasons to the school and CCSD website and make the Plan available upon request
  • Work with the principal to revise the Plan, which will then be presented by the principal at an additional public meeting and be resubmitted for approval

The document to the right (available in English and Spanish) further outlines the process for Plan approval.

12-Plan Approval Process.pdf
12b-Plan Approval Process_SPANISH.pdf

Appeal Process for the Plan of Operation

If a School Organizational Team objects to all or part of the School Plan of Operation, they may submit a request to the School Associate Superintendent to consider revising the Plan in accordance with their recommendations. The document below (available in English and Spanish) outlines the appeal process.

13-Appeal Process.pdf
13b-Appeal Process_SPANISH.pdf