customer service Expectations


Customers in the District may include students, parents, community members, and other District staff. Focusing on customer service is important for all District staff, whether they are school-based or centrally-based, and ultimately impacts student achievement. These expectations build on work that is already being done in schools and departments.

The following videos highlight various examples of customer service interactions throughout the District.

we will interact with all customers in a courteous, respectful, and professional manner.


"Parents, employees, students, people in the public, you want them to feel special when they come in. And who doesn’t want to be treated like family?"

-Leanne Ferdig

Information Liaison

"If I can help a person have a great day, to put a spark in their life, that’s why I do it."

-Lisa Richardson

Information Liaison

we will proactively work to meet customer needs by knowing our customers and our work.

"You have to know your customer, you have to know your schools that you’re servicing, and you have to be a role model for your staff, setting that expectation as high as it can possibly be."

-Andre Yates

Human Capital Management Staffing Director


we will provide timely service and be transparent about expected timelines, processes, and any delays that may occur.


"Once a customer makes an initial point of contact, they should be responded to as quickly as possible. Not because you have a solution for them right away, but it’s important that they know that their request was received and that someone is working on it."

-Dr. Olivia Egemba

Principal, Jack Dailey Elementary School

we will confirm with customers to ensure that their needs have been addressed and seek feedback to improve our quality of service.

"Helping them puts a smile on your face. And when that smile is on your face, it comes through that telephone. And the person on the other end knows they have a caring person on the other end. And they say wow, they really cared. They helped me with my problem. It makes them feel good. It makes me feel good. It makes me enjoy my job. And it makes me want the phone to just keep on ringing."

-TJ Abbington

Office of the Deputy Superintendent


we will listen to and seek to understand customer's requests and commit to following through until the customer's need is addressed.


"By following up with individuals and providing that customer service, we create a relationship, because the individuals trust us and communicate with us."

-Hildanies Colón Feliciano

Coordinator, Equity and Diversity Department

This "Customer Service Expectations" poster is available to print out and display at your site.

04-Customer Service Expectations Poster.pdf