Accountability measures


District leaders should consider the ways in which they currently gather data about customer service and how that data is used to inform their work. There is not one mandated way that all schools or departments should gather ongoing customer service data. Schools and central services are responsible for developing their own measures which are best for their customers and provide the most useful information.

Districtwide surveys

The districtwide surveys provide customer service data to both schools and central services. Schools receive feedback from parents, students, and staff. Central Support and Services receive data from school staff as well as the staff from their own department.

Whether you are in a school or a central department, the data gathered through the districtwide survey and other measures should be used to inform your performance plan.

Other methods for gathering data

Districtwide survey results are just one tool that can be used to analyze the quality of customer service. Schools and departments should develop additional measures that provide more detailed and ongoing data which can inform work throughout the year, such as:

  • Online surveys
  • Evaluation forms
  • Comment cards
  • Walkthrough rubrics