Establishing Common Goals


Establishing common goals is a critical component of creating the School Plan of Operation. The Plan of Operation will take the perspectives of all stakeholders into consideration and will drive the work of the team throughout the year.

In order to establish common goals, Teams should consider the following:

  • Goals should be based on student data and needs.
  • Advise and assist on the Plan of Operation keeping all stakeholders in mind.
  • Establish norms to ensure meetings are focused on implementing goals.
  • Build consensus so that everyone can support decisions and understand how they align with common goals.

Guiding questions regarding establishing common goals can be found on the "Reflection and Planning Guide," provided below in English and Spanish. Teams can use this guide to reflect on their experiences and plan ahead. Teams should consider how stakeholder needs and perspectives can guide goal-setting, and how they will hold themselves accountable to stay on track to meet goals.

03a-Consensus Building Handout.docx
03b-Consensus Building Handout _SPANISH.docx