Roles and Responsibilities

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The Roles and Responsibilities of the Superintendent, School Associate Superintendents, principals, and Central Support and Services staff provide clarity on where responsibility and accountability reside.

The full "Roles and Responsibilities" document can be found to the right. This page will explore the specific roles and responsibilities of Central Support and Services in supporting schools and contributing to student achievement.


Roles and responsibilities [A] and [B]

Central Services department/division/unit leaders are responsible for:

In order to measure results and outcomes of Central Support and Services as a whole, two district-wide surveys will be administered each year. One will measure the satisfaction of central staff concerning their ability to serve the schools, provide services in a timely manner, and provide quality services to schools. An additional survey will be administered to all School Associate Superintendents, principals, and teachers to determine their satisfaction with the services provided to schools by Central Support and Services.

In order to measure success with roles A and B, consider how you currently collect department-level data and measures outcomes.

  • Are clear goals established for all programs and initiatives?
  • How does the department track progress or results of programs?
  • How does the data collected drive the work of the department?
  • Does the department have adequate information to drive work? If not, what other information do you need?

Roles and responsibilities [C], [D] and [f]

As mentioned above, the districtwide survey will measure the quality, timeliness, and perception of services provided by Central Support and Services. These indicators correlate to the following responsibilities:

When addressing perceptions of your department, examine your standard operating procedures for customer service.

  • Who are your internal and external customers? Who does your department serve within the District and outside the District?
  • How do you measure and address your customers’ perceptions?
  • Do you have set standards for quality, timeliness, and communication?
  • What factors influence the quality and timeliness of your services?

Roles and responsibilities [E]

Beyond being a service provider to schools and students, Central Support and Services is also responsible for:

The expertise of Central Support and Services is relied upon to ensure the District is compliant and that students’ rights and wellbeing are upheld.

  • How does the department maintain up-to-date information on law, policy, regulations, and administrative directives?
  • How does the department ensure that all staff is aware of relevant information?

Roles and responsibilities [G]

It goes without saying that a successful department relies on successful staff. Therefore, the department leader must be responsible for:

Department leaders should consider:

  • Are all staff aware of expectations and how they are evaluated?
  • What is the process for creating professional growth plans for staff?

What ongoing support is available for staff to be successful in their roles?

Roles and responsibilities [H]

In addition to maintaining quality interactions with staff and customers, Central Support and Services is responsible for:

The condition of a department’s physical resources impacts its internal culture and external perceptions.

  • What structures are in place to maintain the physical environment for staff and customers?

Roles and responsibilities [I] and [J]

Finally, department leaders are responsible for: