Attendance Information


How do parents/guardians arrange an absence?

Parents/guardians must fill out a pre-arranged absence form from the main office. The maximum number of arranged absences is 10 per school year.

What is the procedure that should be followed after an absence?

Students who have been absent must provide notice from their parent/guardian to the school explaining the reason for the absence within three (3) school days after their return.

Please include the following information:

1. The first and last name of the student

2. The teacher’s name

3. The date(s) the student was absent; and

4. The reason the student was physically or mentally unable to attend, or the nature of the emergency.

If an acceptable explanation of the absence is not provided within three (3) school days, the absence is unexcused and is deemed a truancy.

Tardy and Early Dismissal

What if I have to pickup my child early from school?

Should a student need to leave campus prior to the end of the day, the parent must come to the office with photo identification in order to obtain release of the child. Under NO circumstance will a student be released to someone other than those listed on the student enrollment card.

STUDENTS WILL NOT BE RELEASED BETWEEN 3:00 and 3:06. PHOTO ID is required ANYTIME ANY INDIVIDUAL seeks early release for a student. Office personnel will check identification and call the child to the office to leave with the authorized individual. Teachers will not release students from the classroom. We are not able to deliver phone messages to students during the school day. Please make any necessary arrangements before your child leaves in the morning OR personally come to the school office to deliver the message.

What happens if my child comes in late to school?

Student tardiness is a serious disruption to the educational process. Tardiness interferes with time to teach, and infringes on the educational rights of other students. The following procedures are to be followed if the student comes in after the 8:00 a.m. tardy bell:

  • A student will be marked tardy if (s)he is not physically present in the classroom at the start of the instructional day.

  • An elementary student shall be recorded as absent for half of the day if more than one hour and fifty-five minutes of the instructional day are missed and recorded as absent for the entire day if more than three hours and forty-five minutes of the instructional day are missed.

What happens if my child has excessive absences from school?

According to CCSD’s Attendance Regulation 5113:

-Individual student absences should be limited to a maximum of twenty (20) total absences per school year. Elementary students who exceed twenty (20) unapproved absences during the school year may be retained in the current grade.

-All arranged absences in excess of ten (10) days during a school year shall be considered unapproved. All arranged absences for which the makeup work was not completed and submitted as specified by the teacher shall be considered unapproved.

-A required parent conference is to be scheduled by the principal or his/her designee when the following occurs due to excessive absenteeism:

-> a student has been identified for possible retention

-> a student is deemed to be a habitual truant; and/or a referral for educational neglect is contemplated