You are responsible for many things in your life. And the lives of others. You know that your fitness and wellness is important but you might be struggling to include it into your busy life. Maybe you have tried programs before and not seen the results that you wanted. We are ready to help you achieve what you already know is possible.

Hi, I'm Ellen, your Core Asset Fitness Training coach.

I'm passionate about helping people like you get the most out of your time. I am a mom, business owner, and fitness enthusiast. I love to work out and practice yoga, but I know that it takes planning to get what you want out of your fitness program. I also know that your program should include not just exercise, but nutrition support, yoga for balance, and coaching/accountability.

That's why I developed the Harmony Strong program with my partners at Core Asset Fitness Training. We combine results-driven exercise, coaching, training and yoga for the complete package. You will be given the high tech tools, supervision, and attention to succeed. There's no reason to wait, we can get you on the road to optimum health and fitness right away! Contact me for your free 10 minute consultation!

Ellen O'Hara, RN,MS ACE personal trainer, Group X certified, RYT-200 YOGA INSTRUCTOR

We help busy people get Harmony Strong.


I have been taking classes from Core Asset Fitness for over ten years! There are so many classes and times to choose from-morning boot camp, evening yoga or Pilates to name a few. It is fun to mix it up and not get bored. The instructors are phenomenal and keep you motivated. I have also done some private training and Pilates reformer with Pam. They offer many different programs to keep you going strong.


If there is anything you can’t afford to give up during this pandemic, it’s personal training (and coaching).

I love working with Ellen at Core Asset Fitness. Her personal training style, keeps me motivated to strive to reach new goals. I really look forward to my sessions, and love being able to continue working out even during the pandemic. Our Zoom sessions have been great, and easy!!

Mary Ellen

For over ten years I’ve been a client of Core Asset. I first started with their legendary 6 a.m. boot camp and now take their yoga and Pilates offerings. Ellen and Pam's classes are never cookie cutter. They do an outstanding job of varying the workouts and are always offering modifications for fitness level and injuries. This came in handy for me after a recent shoulder injury. With their suggested modifications, I didn’t have any excuses to not keep working out! When the pandemic hit, Core Asset quickly pivoted to an online offering of classes, which was a godsend for both my physical and mental health. Their enthusiasm and motivation helped me get through these difficult times!

Experienced Coaches

We'll be with you every step of the way to guide and inspire you to reach your transformation goals. With our App and fitness tools, our team will see your actual workout data, eating habits and body fat trends. We'll monitor your progress, make course corrections and hold you accountable.

Advanced Science

. We use the concepts of consistency, frequency, and intensity to unlock your inner athlete. Win at the game of fitness. Because a win here is a win everywhere. Accountability equals success, and we provide that with our unique combination of tools. Our coaches have years of experience with clients at every level.

Personal Exercise

Based upon your assessment and your specific goals, we'll design the perfect custom program for you. This integrated plan will be exactly right for you and deliver RESULTS ....

  • Set goals for minutes per week of exercise

  • Live and on-demand workouts with our coaches

  • Weekly check-ins and private training depending on your package

  • Yoga for ALL our participants

Personal Nutrition

We know you've tried many programs. We know you're busy and don't always have the time. Our Built Strong nutrition program will give you the strategies and the time hacks to fuel your body for maximum energy and cognitive power.

  • Anti-diet. Consistently good vs occasionally perfect.

  • Sensible nutrition strategy - does not overly restrict you or force you to give up the foods you love.

  • Accountability: Your coach will monitor your tracking and give advice. No hiding! We are here for you.

Yoga for Balance

As athletes ourselves, our coaches believe in the power of yoga. Yoga adds balance that includes mindfulness, breathing, and body awareness that helps keep people on track and feeling good. Anyone can do it, we can show you how! We have a four part introduction to yoga series that will get you involved and ready to practice.

  • 4 part beginner yoga series

  • Weekly live and recorded yoga classes

  • Mindfulness, body awareness and stress relief

Personal Tech Tools

Our fun to use fitness technology saves you time by showing you exactly what you need to do while always tracking your progress.

  • Heart rate wearable and integrated fitness app.

  • Smart body fat scale to track your fat loss progress.

  • Your coach will see your progress and provide direct feedback.

  • Regularly scheduled coaching appointments to keep you accountable and on track. We will literally help you book your week so you won't miss out on your fitness.

Get ready for success

  • Over 12 years experience delivering amazing results to hundreds of clients.

  • The most personal coaching experience available.

  • Fitness technology that really works and facilitates results.

  • Empathetic, inspiring coaches. Do this for you!

Book a call, let's chat and see if we're a good fit. - Ellen and the team at Core Asset Fitness Training