Knowledge Base

Below are troubleshooting tips, quick-guides and documentation for the CT HMIS CaseWorthy Implementation.


  1. Adding a Case Manager
  2. Adding a Family Member to an Existing Family in CaseWorthy
  3. Clients who refuse to sign the HMIS Consent and ROI
  4. Complete all required Program Assessments for the Family Member’s added outside of the workflow
  5. Entering a Financial Service Request
  6. Unresponsive Script Error During Check-in
  7. Required System Specifications for CaseWorthy
  8. Using Service plans
  9. Editing an Assessment
  10. Updating a Financial Assessment
  11. "Canceling" a Service Request that has been approved
  12. How to add a Release of Information (Outside of the workflow)
  13. Duplicate Program Enrollment Appears
  14. What happens when Enrollment/ Services / Bedlist Enrollments are deleted in CaseWorthy

Emergency Shelter

  1. CT HMIS Emergency Shelter - Quick Guide
  2. How to Check Data Quality on Shelter Utilization (SUR) Report
  3. How to Delete a Shelter Check-in
  4. How to Enroll/Check-in clients into “at reservation” Bedlist (After Enrollment)
  5. How to Remove a Client Still Showing on Check-In Screen After They’ve Been Discharged (Exited)
  6. Can't See Bed Night Service


  1. PATH Outreach Quick Guide

Runaway Homeless Youth

  1. Runaway Homeless Youth (RHY)


  1. SSVF - Generating a HUD CSV File Export for Upload

Vi-SPDAT / Coordinated Access

  1. VI-SPDAT 2.0/Coordinated Access Network and Coordinated Exit Quick Guide



  1. SAGE Upload Workaround
  2. COC APR 2017/SAGE APR - Generating a HUD CSV File Export for Upload
  3. Chronic Homeless Status on the CoC APR 2017
  4. Updating the Relation to HoH to correct the “Not a Valid Household” error on the CoC APR 2017 - Data Quality Report