delight your fairgoers

FairGoers Expect More

Fairs are exciting consumer destinations and have historically brought the community together and led economic development in their areas.

Times, however, have changed and it has become increasingly challenging for fairs to:

  1. deliver an engaging guest experience
  2. grow traffic and sales
  3. collaborate with exhibitors and vendors
  4. collect meaningful data
  5. and provide measurable value to sponsors

Outside of fairs, consumers are digitally-connected and use their phones to interact with the world around them - from discovering interesting local experiences, to posting reviews, to sharing on social media, to ordering food, and more - expecting convenience, speed, and value at every turn.

The Provincial Ex of Manitoba Delivered an Amazing Guest Experience

To meet guest expectations in this new digital reality, the Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba partnered with Numnu and delivered an amazing mobile experience to over 100,000 visitors at their 6-day Royal Manitoba Winter Fair last March. Exhibitors and vendors - food, merchandise, and more - happily collaborated with organizers to provide visitors with a simple, seamless tool at their fingertips allowing them to navigate and interact with the fair in new and exciting ways. Take a look:

What is Numnu?

Numnu (noom-noo) turns consumer events into connected and discoverable marketplaces, delivering a full-featured mobile-first experience that drives more engagement, traffic, and commerce to venues and participating exhibitors. Numnu provides event-goers with interactive tools at their fingertips empowering them to explore on-site vendors, food, rides, shows, offers, and more; navigate maps and schedules; share feedback and reviews; avoid lineups with mobile ordering; participate in contests; and more. Event producers provide a premier guest experience and benefit from increased high-quality engagements, traffic, customer capture, exhibitor management and collaboration tools, as well as valuable data insights and analytics before, during, and after events.

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CAFE and Numnu Partnership

The Canadian Association of Fairs and Exhibitions (CAFE) and Numnu have partnered to drive the future of guest experiences and digital engagement at Canadian fairs and events, delivering best practices and new levels of value for all stakeholders. The partnership includes:

  • FREE listings and special rates for CAFE members
  • Programs (with event members, service members, and Future Leaders) covering broad event engagement and technology needs, meeting common goals and creating economies of scale
  • and more

Take your Event to the Next Level

Fairs who adopt effective digital engagement practices are seeing double-digit growth in traffic and sales. Numnu can help take your event experience to the next level, delighting your guests, and driving new levels of business value. We work closely with events, whether with staff or volunteers, each step of the way to achieve success. As a CAFE member, you are eligible for special offers and services from Numnu for 2019 events. Contact us below to learn more and see how we could help you meet your event goals.

To your success,