Inspired by the United Nations' 'Global Goals', our Computing curriculum for active global learners.

Find out more about our fully-resourced, engaging curriculum that encourages learners to become active members of their global community.

Prepare them for the global challenges of their unknown world as well as facilitating their development of key Computing concepts and skills.

Gamification fosters independent learning.

Nubely are carrying out a Maths Gamification project with learners, proving that it can accelerate their learning.


John was increasingly concerned that the learners in his class did not think enough. Did not think about overcoming barriers, such as misconceptions in their learning. Did not think much about how their peers might think or do something differently to themselves. He believed that our current curriculum focused too much on directing facts at them. In doing so, the children reverted to 'sponge' behaviours; sit and try to absorb as much as is being aimed at them.

John wanted to change that. He wanted his learners to work together, discuss ideas and overcome barriers together. Think together.

Together with Nubely, John has created this free model to encourage children to think at your school.

Lisa's school's target to continue to provide a high level of challenge for her learners. Nubely had 1:1 ideation meetings with her staff. Nubely Challenge Yourself was born.

The challenges are tailored by teachers for their learners. They foster independent thinking, allow learners to devise their own solutions and methods.

Simply pin up the challenge's QR code on a working wall in your classroom, give them access to a devise and let them delve deeper into division in a maths lesson say, when they feel they are ready to challenge their self. Alternatively, print out the challenge's poster for a more paper based approach!

Start working 'nubely'.

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