the world is moving to the cloud.

IS YOUR school followING?

the cloud makes managing your school systems easier

Managing your schools programs and data is difficult and expensive. When your big, bulky server falters, you and everyone at the school suffers. Work-flow and learning are massively affected. Maintaining and fixing management servers and connected systems is very technical so schools need to dedicate large parts of their budgets for warranties, technical support and scheduled technician visits. Embracing the Cloud will save your school thousands of pounds by eliminating the need for these.

Nubely can help you plan your migration. Book a RouteMap session where we can see what you already have in place or what you need or upgrade to make the most of the Cloud.

Take back control of how your school functions.

find the endless choice confusing?

We can show you the wood from the trees

The education technology industry is full of companies with their promises of offering you and your school so much.

Which devices, platforms, programs and apps will best serve your school and its needs?

Our get-together session will highlight the way your school works, its needs and requirements. Then, we can offer our tried and tested recommendations. Your RouteMap will outline the individual training your team-members need to make teaching more efficient and effective, learning more exciting and engaging.

For a quick insight of how your school could work better in the Cloud, answer some simple questions to receive a bespoke, free guide.

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