online safety is so important that we support you with it,

for free.

Everything starts from a free get-together meeting.

We start every collaboration with schools with a free get-together meeting. It's purpose? For us to get to know you, your colleagues, your school so we can create your tailored, free Elemental RouteMap that will outline your journey to get your school working confidently in the Cloud. At the end of every school's journey, colleagues will save time on planning, preparing and assessing captivatingly engaging lessons with a potential 74% saving on IT purchasing year on year.

happy? then, we start tailoring your full routemap and individual training plans.

If you like the recommendations from your free Elemental Route-Map, get in touch. The collaboration between us starts. We get to work on your bespoke Full RouteMap which, if desired, we present to your whole school community. 1:1 ideation meetings are arranged with stakeholders and participants so that individual training plans are customised around their needs and wants.


Training can be whole-team or 1:1, in person, remotely by completing online courses or a blend to fit your school or individual's needs, budget and/ or timescale. The best learning is rarely confined within four walls so we organise events to connect you with like-minded schools and individuals. We strongly believe that through collaborations, learning becomes communal and truly continuous.

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