We are based in classes, not in an office.

All of our training and recommendations about enriching lessons with cloud-based technologies have been tried and tested in classrooms. We love team-teaching with teachers in their classes. This collaborative approach has been seen to make a massive impact on both pupils' and teachers' learning.

We work with fellow teachers who are, like us, passionate about encouraging children to think and lead their own learning. Click below to read their bios, access the fruits of some of our collaborations in Resources or read case studies on how Nubely has impacted learning in different classes.


Today, we have access to an ever-increasing amount of cloud-based and web apps available with multi-user access and collaboration at their heart. Nubely has devised teaching strategies with use of these apps that can be built into every lesson to engage 100% of learners, provide challenge and encourage peer-support that, in turn, generates accelerated progress. Book a "100% ENGAGEMENT IN..." INSET for your school.

we get the whole school community involved.

Parents play an obvious huge role in their child's learning at home. Teaching assistants play an obvious huge role at school. As do visiting educators from outside agencies who support different groups of learners.

How coordinated is all this support with the teacher's teaching?

Getting everyone in the community involved is vital to establish community links and conjoined support that initiates quality learning. Read case studies about how Nubely has involved TA's and parents, who used our strategies to focus their support to extend children's learning. We spoke at BETT 2017 about it!

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