Anuar Assamidanov

Research Interests

I am a Ph.D Student in Computational Justice Lab at Claremont Graduate University. I'm passionate about any and all fields related to Data, including: Data Science, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics and Visualization. I am particularly interested in the specialized tracks of applied Microeconomics and would like to conduct research in fields such as crime, education, and family-related studies.

My CV and Linkedin, GitHub pages.


"The impact of grandparental childcare on mother’s labor force participation" - I took up a quantitative research approach to identify the relationship between the income of grandparents and the likelihood that this generation will provide childcare by using data from Generations and Gender Survey of 20 European countries. The study also extended its focus on the impact of grandparental child-care on female labor participation in Russia, Georgia, and Bulgaria. The project is funded by Soros-Foundation Kazakhstan.

Technical and economic prefeasibility analysis of residential solar PV system in South Kazakhstan” (2015) - in Feasibility Analysis of Clean Energy class, I presented an economics-based engineering approach to energy. This seminal course allowed me to explore the domain of Clean Energy, encouraging me to take up a project that dealt with the Analysis of Economic and Technical Pre-Feasibility of Residential Solar Photovoltaic systems in South Kazakhstan. I was able to work on the project and draft it into a research paper that was published in Journal IEEE7, Valenciennes-France 2015 and presented at the International Exergy, Energy and Environment Symposium, Valenciennes, France, which is available in the Proceedings of the IEEES7.