About Us

Bearing a better YOU and a better pet too! Here in Colorado we are active people biking and hiking. Exploring the greatness that is in our backyards. Seeking out a curated line of products from Cannabanoid (CBD) to Hemp based products. Seeking innovative products that excite us.

Effiency and effectiveness maximized. We are all for farm to table as we consume food. Whole animal usage! Let's continue! Better wholesome ingredients brought to you for your lifestyle wants and needs. Be apart of our Community of Vanguards!

About The Producers

Dedicated to improving your lifestyle, we are introducing a well designed and curated line of CBD and Hemp based products. Using quality cultivated ingredients and an effective process creates efficient absorbable products. Blending CBD, essensial oils, plant extracts and more wholesome ingredients we offer a consistent, quality, and effective product with compelling applications to address your lifestyle.


We value our customers experience and promise to deliver the highest quality ingredients & curated products.

Disruptive Innovation

Thinking outside the box to deliver products that make sense and increase the capacity to perform effectively & efficiently.

Kinetic Creation

Formulating unique products that stimulate the senses, invigorate the body and mind, and design that move life forward.


Best Buds Pets™

Calming, Hip & Joint, and Dental Chews.

Available in PurSpectrum™ CBD and PurSpectrum™ Hemp Extract


Structural Support with topical delivery of Invium Complete™ Encapsulated Micelle premoting recovery and performance. Range of skin care benefits including moisturizing skin, provide inflammation relief and assist in body's repaor of UV damage as well as reduce fine lines and wrinkles

PurSpectrum™ CBD and PurSpectrum™ Hemp Extract


Aftercare Lotions and Brightners using Invium Complete™ Encapsulated Micelle and containing PurSpectrum™ CBD and PurSpectrum™ Hemp Extract

Cultivated ingredients including antioxidants and a boost Vitamin D to encourage uniform complexion

Distruptive Technologies

Our experienced team of colloidal, cosmetic, and organic chemists and formulators improve the delivery of cannabinoids to the endocannabinoid receptors. Through our patent pending applications and processes, InviumComplete™ Encapsulated Micelle Formula, creates stable water soluble cbd formulas that integrate with nutraceuticals, pet, athletic, cosmetic, and topical industries.

Hours of Operation: 9am–5pm, Monday through Saturday E-Mail Anytime

Address: 280 Boulder View Road Boulder, Co 80302


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