Bio Optofluidic System Lab

Bio-Optofluidic System Lab is located at MD 702 in the department of Electrical Engineering and the graduate institute of Biomedical Electronic and Bioinformatics at National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan.

Our lab is focusing on developing integrated electrical, optical and mechanical miniaturized fluidics and sensors for biological applications, such as cellular biology, drug screening, and disease diagnosis. You can find more of our current research projects in research.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in our research.



Personalized platform for heart failure monitoring

LSPR Channel Food Dye

Microfluidic device for four reagents guiding

Latest news

2019/04: 秀剛 志翔 attended 2019 IEEE NEMS conference in Bangkok. Good Luck!!!

2019/02: 怡穎’s paper was published in Microfluidics and Nanofluidics. Congratulations!!! Link

2019/01: 聖瀚’s paper was published in Biomicrofluidics. Congratulations!!! Link

2018/11: 大涵 子涵 凱崴 聖瀚 佳蒨 昱豪 attended 2018 MicroTAS conference in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2018/10: 大涵 佳蒨 and 威宇's paper was published in Scientific Reports. Congratulations!!! Link

2018/05: 琪蓁’s paper was selected as oral presentation in 2017 CLEO conference. Congratulations!!!

2018/04: 怡穎 attended 2018 IEEE NEMS conference in Singapore. Good Luck!!!

2018/01: 舒鴻 and 郁欣’s paper was published in Analyst and select as the front cover. Congratulations!!! Link

2018/01: 郁蓁 and 彥廷’s paper was published in Microfluidics and Nanofluidics. Congratulations!!! Link

2017/10: 舒鴻 and 郁蓁 attended 2017 MicroTAS conference in Savanna, Georgia

2017/08: Congratulations to 威宇 郁蓁 舒鴻 for successful defending their master's thesis!!!

2017/07:BIOS lab welcomes 2017 new master's students, 秀剛, 佳蒨, 昱豪, 志翔, welcome on board!!!

2017/07: 子涵 and 琪蓁’s paper was published in Nanomaterials. Congratulations!!! Link

2016/06: 大涵’s paper was published in Lab on a Chip. Congratulations!!! Link

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