Our Story

NTKMADE LTD is an emblematic company known for its innovative and artistic approach to Māori design. 

Founded by Nichola Te Kiri in 2016, it is a dynamic creative enterprise that encompasses multiple product lines and offers a range of design services.

Embodying the essence of Māori culture, our creations seamlessly blend contemporary elements with timeless traditions, evoking an old-world charm with a modern twist.

Within NTKMADE LTD, we proudly present three distinctive brands.

Our Brands

Established 2010, our Nichola brand caters to the local and national market, crafting ready to-wear clothing and accessories that embody the spirit of Aotearoa.

Established 2021, Top Tēpu is an exclusive monthly subscription box service that offers subscribers the privilege of being the first to receive or own limited edition earrings. These earrings are accompanied by a curated selection of products from the Nichola brand and other locally-based enterprises in Aotearoa.

Established 2022, Our newest brand, set to launch in February 2023, specializes in the expert craftsmanship of bespoke and commissioned taonga, including clothing and accessories. It caters to our discerning high-end clientele both domestically and internationally.

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