2018 Northern C Divisional Basketball Tournament

Northern C Division

Brian Campbell - North Star - President/Tournament Manager

Paula Molyneaux - Chinook - Vice-President

Secretary - Stanford - Vance Von Bergen

Treasurer - Dutton-Brady - Linda Michel


Boys Basketball

8C - 1st Denton-Geyser-Stanford Bearcats

8C - 2nd Belt Huskies

8C - 3rd Winnett-Grass Range Rams

9C - 1st Chinook Sugarbeeters

9C - 2nd North Star Knights

9C - 3rd Fort Benton Longhorns

10C - 1st Heart Butte Warriors

10C - 2nd Sunburst Refiners

10C - 3rd Great Falls Central/MSDB Mustangs

Girls Basketball

8C - 1st Belt Huskies

8C - 2nd Winnett-Grass Range Rams

8C - 3rd Tri-City Titans

9C - 1st Fort Benton Longhorns

9C - 2nd Box Elder Bears

9C - 3rd Turner Tornadoes

10C - 1st Simms Tigers

10C - 2nd Great Falls Central/MSDB Mustangs

10C - 3rd Heart Butte Warriors

Thank You CONFERO - Sports Foundation, for donating to the Coaches of each team and for supplying the hospitality room.

Thank You Golden Triangle Seed from Rudyard for donating Dipping Dots for the Sportsmanship Presenters.

Four Season's Arena -

Great Falls, MT


Thank You Triangle Communications for donating equipment for the hospitality room.

Thank You Admiral Beverage of Great Falls for donating drinks for the locker rooms.

Thank you Super 1 Food of Great Falls for donating oranges for the locker rooms.