Reception, Year 1 & Year 2

Mrs Derbridge

Summer 1...

D 19/20 Kingfishers' Curriculum


Year 3 - 6

Mrs White and Mr Cole

Curriculum Highlights 2017/18

  • Autumn Term - Saxons and Vikings
  • Spring Term - The Mayans, Class Dojo

Check out Kingfisher's amazing coding by playing these apps created by the pupils.

Click the link below


March 2019: Kingfishers have been learning how to play "Shackles" on their trombones. Click on this link to play along to the backing track.

April/May 2019: Kingfishers have now moved on to learning Meshugana Mambo. See the music and track to the right!

The children will be performing these tracks at a concert this term!

Meshugana Mambo.pdf
Meshugana Mambo RFH audio edit.mp3
A 16/17 Kingfishers' Curriculum
B 17/18 Kingfishers' Curriculum
C 18/19 Kingfishers' Curriculum