BBC School Report 2018

Diss High School

On Thursday 15th March, 14 budding journalists in year 9 took on the challenge of participating in BBC School Report’s Live News Day.

After a news briefing first thing, students separated into small groups to produce their own television news reports, all of which needed to be edited and complete by the BBC’s 2pm deadline.

Students demonstrated true grit and determination during this fast-paced working day, showing excellent communication and teamwork skills.

Final news reports included:

  • The Snapchat update and people’s opinions of this;
  • An investigation into people’s experiences of Apple slowing down older models of their phones;
  • Reactions to a school banning the latest ‘Meet me at McDonald’s’ haircut;
  • Star Wars: an adult or a children’s film;
  • Stephen Hawking: a tribute.

Snapchat Update - What Do You Think?

Snapchat Update BBC School report.wmv

Meet Me At McDonald's - Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

'Meet me at McDonalds' haircut.wmv

Stephen Hawking (1942-2018) - A Modern Scientific Genius

BBC School Report Stephen Hawking.wmv

In a Galaxy far far away - Star Wars

Star Wars story by Lucie and Willow.wmv

The iphone scandal - Longer Battery, Slower Phone

iPhone Report.wmv