Ms. Camper's 1st Grade

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Homework Notes

Spelling- The notebook and word/picture cards come home on Monday and Thursday. PLEASE return them the next day! Monday homework is to sort the cards and write the words that are starred or on the list. Thursday homework is to sort the cards and choose 3 to write sentences with. No gluing at home. There is a Keep at Home Copy so that you can do optional practice on the other nights of the week! If it is a 4 day week the homework days are adjusted accordingly.
Math- The math homework is in the Thursday folder and is not due until the following Monday.

In the picture, I am holding a husky pup at Iditerod Headquarters in Alaska!

I have been at NSCS since the first year we became a charter school! I love teaching first grade. I live with my husband in Clover Valley and enjoy gardening and taking care of our horses, chickens, dogs and cats.

“North Shore Community School excels in connecting our students’ academics and learning with their natural and social environments in a nurturing community setting.”