What's New in Room 168?

It's nearly the end of 2019 which is so hard to believe! Our holiday party is around the corner (12/19 at 10:00) and report card time is nearly here. Please see our Home/School Connection tab for more information. In 2020, we have exciting new things to look forward to. If your family hasn't hosted Chico, our class monkey, he's coming your way. We'll also begin Mystery Reader as well as Mystery Object! Stay tuned for more information.

Enjoy the holiday season and the remainder of 2019!

2019 - 2020 Schedule

11:50 - 12:20 Lunch

2:15 - 2:55 Special Classes

Monday - Phys. Ed. (sneaker day!)

Tuesday - Art

Wednesday - Phys. Ed. (sneaker day!)

Thursday - Library

Friday - Music; (bring sneakers for Friday Fun Run)

Parents, to order books online, click on the link above and use GVDLL as the class activation code. The books will be delivered with our monthly book order.

Snack & Water

Room 168 has a relatively early lunch, so we'll have a designated snack time each afternoon. If your child would like a snack, please send something that he/she can access easily and eat in about 5 - 7 minutes. A water bottle is encouraged and may be kept at your child's workspace, and I will have the kids take them home each afternoon to be washed.

Room 168 Book Sacks

Your child will bring home a plastic envelope called the "Book Sack". Inside will be photocopied books, school books, and a word ring. Your child may keep any books with his/her name on the front. A fun family project is to make a book box from a shoe box for your child to collect his/her kindergarten books to read anytime.

There will also be a word ring with high frequency words. If you have an opportunity to practice these words with your child at home, that will help your child learn them faster.

The intent of the book sack is to send your child home with books that he/she can read independently to you. A few minutes each evening is sufficient. Please don't worry if your child can't read these books perfectly. We will continue to build reading strategies in school, and you'll see your child grow as a reader this year.

The most valuable reading you can do at home is reading high-quality children's books TO your child. They will generate great conversations, help your child learn new words, and grow your child's understanding of the world around us. And those are just a few benefits of reading to your child!

Book sacks need to be returned each Friday (including the word ring) so we can add new books and update the sight words.

Chico and His Travel Journal

Every weekend, one student in the class will take Chico, our class monkey, home for the weekend. He'll come in a plastic bag with his travel journal. We'll start the year with parents doing the writing (kindergartener-inspired of course), but will transition to the kindergarteners taking the pen later in the year. We can't wait to see what kinds of adventures Chico has with your families this year!

Traveling Books

Each time we complete a class book, we'll send the book home to each child for a night so you can read them together. Be watching for the traveling books!