North Sanpete Middle School

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655 East 100 South

Moroni, UT 84646

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"Make an effort, not an excuse!"


Educate, Prepare, and Empower students to be college and career ready.


Make an EFFORT not an EXCUSE!


North Sanpete Middle School’s mission statement states that we will educate, prepare and empower students to be college and career ready. We will help each student on their pathway to college and a career. We will do this by implementing new technologies that prepare them to be 21st Century citizens, educating them about our nation’s history and offering them real world application and career experience.

We will continue to keep our technology up to date in the classroom. We will continue to update our classrooms with technology in an effort to reach our 21st Century learners. As each student is issued an iPad it will be in our hands to help them discover how this educational tool can be effectively used to learn. We will continue to reach students in new ways. Students will learn to find, filter and apply. This will be done by understanding how to find information, filter what is applicable and then apply it to their learning and knowledge.

Students will leave North Sanpete Middle School with a deeper understanding of what it means to be a citizen of this great country. We will have 75% of our students passing the state required civics test before they move on to high school. They will know what it takes to be a contributing member of society and their future role in our economy.

Students will understand how each of their classroom subjects are applicable to their future daily lives. They will have opportunities to participate in job shadow activities, leadership experiences, field trips, in-classroom experimentation, research projects, reading activities that will apply their knowledge to real world scenarios. They will participate in our College and Career Awareness activities that will teach them applicable skills to be ready for the real world.

As we see these efforts through to fruition we will see students more prepared to enter high school, move on to college and on to careers contributing to our great society. It is our commitment to educate, prepare and empower students to be college and career ready.

COVID-19 Updates

Current Status: We are on "Dismissal Status" until the end of the school year. We miss our students....your children. We will update this page when more information is available.

2020 NSMS Promotion Ceremony (School Dismissal Edition)

End of Year Info: 4/24/2020

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Principal's Corner

Push Yourself

If I asked you to memorize an 82 digit number do you think you could? It seems near impossible, right? Most of us could do 8-10 digits rather easily. What If I told you that with some training you could do it? That is the magic of pushing yourself and focusing. You can think of many instances in movies, but more importantly in real life, in which someone worked a little harder, pushed themselves out of their comfort zones, dedicated some real focus and were able to accomplish great things. When I was a Sophomore in high school I came to the realization that Language Arts was the subject I really struggled in, but I wanted to get a good grade. I quickly realized that if I wanted to earn a good grade I would have to put more time into that class (taking better notes, studying, completing my homework, asking questions when I didn’t understand, showing my teacher I cared, etc…). I had to put in two or three times the effort of the average person to achieve the same grade. So it was up to me. I had to decide. As I made that effort, I saw the success that I desired. There were some road bumps, but I didn’t give up. I ended up earning some scholarships to go to college, but unfortunately, I missed out on $1,000 of scholarship money because I didn’t learn that lesson soon enough. So I challenge each of you to push yourself. Put a little more focus on your academics. As you do I promise that you will soon realize that it was YOU that was holding yourself back. You had the ability and all the help you needed but you didn’t push yourself. Don’t settle for where you are now. Reach for new heights. Every adult around you is waiting for you to step up! They love to help you. This could be the moment that you look back upon and realize you made a change…...a change for the better.