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Home of the Bears!

Please Use CAUTION!!

With our students out of school due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to remind everyone to use extra CAUTION when driving around town. Slow down and watch for children.


Dismissal Information for Parents

For updated COVID-19 information please Click Here

Mt Pleasant Elementary will implement the following action plan to continue instruction:

There will be no instruction on Monday and Tuesday, March 16th and 17th allowing teachers to meet at the schools to finalize their online curriculum delivery programs. Mt Pleasant Elementary teachers will begin providing online instruction for students on Wednesday, March 18th. Spring Break, March 23rd - 27th, will remain as scheduled. There will be no curriculum updated during Spring Break. At this time we are formulating plans for online education after Spring Break if necessary.

Online Instruction

North Sanpete Schools are very prepared to provide online instruction due to our 1:1 efforts. Each teacher will provide information to students/parents on how to access class materials. If your child has trouble accessing the online information, please email your child’s teacher for help. Curriculum information can be found on our school webpage under the teacher tab.

Home Internet

CentraCom has seen the need to help our community and is providing free internet to families of NSSD students who are new customers. If you are an existing customer, you may upgrade the bandwidth of your current package for free in order to accommodate the increased demand. These extra services will be offered until the end of May. Those that choose not to use this service can access the various HAWKSPOT wifi locations in each town. For the list of HAWKSPOT locations throughout the district please refer to the district website at under the COVID-19 RESOURCES tab.

Food Services

School lunch/breakfast will be provided starting Tuesday, March 17th from 11:30-12:30. There will be one pickup each day for that day’s lunch and breakfast for the following morning. They will not be distributed from the middle or high schools, but instead, parents can pick them up at the elementary school in your local town. This service will be provided like the summer lunch program. We will only be able to accommodate lunches for students ages 0-18. There will be no adult lunches available at this time. If you have questions, please call the school at 435-462-2077. There will be no food service provided during spring break.

Gatherings at Schools

All school activities have been canceled and no gatherings will be permitted on school premises.

Parent Updates

Updates to parents will be sent out via e-mail and text messages using our alert system. Please make sure your e-mail and phone numbers have been updated on PowerSchool. We will also use the school webpage and Facebook to share information. If you feel your information needs to be updated or isn’t correct, please email

Thank You

We appreciate your patience with us as we work through this challenging process. We recognize the responses to COVID-19 have significantly disrupted the school year. We hope you understand these changes are meant to be proactive in helping protect you, your extended family, and other members of our community.


Please understand this situation will require extensive discussions and we will not have all the answers right away. The circumstances in which we find ourselves and how we address them will continue to evolve. It is our goal to keep you updated and continue to provide educational opportunities to your students. Questions can be directed to each individual teacher, the principal, or district staff. Thank you again for your patience.


Rena Orton


Mt Pleasant Elementary



Mt. Pleasant Elementary is a wonderful school with great students, teachers, and staff.

- Principal Orton

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Cooking with fractions in 3rd Grade!!!

White board in classroom
Class of students
Students working
Students working

The 5th grade built a glacier out of snow in science class to observe how it changes over time!

group of students outside
Share Tales.pdf

We want to wish Ken Pehrson and Ken Davis a HAPPY RETIREMENT!!

We will miss you! Thanks for all your years of hard work!!

Two men
Lunchroom staff
Principal and custodian

Halloween time is fun at Mt. Pleasant Elementary

Teacher and Students
School staff on Halloween
Students on Halloween
School staff on halloween
Students on halloween
Staff on halloween
staff on halloween
Student on halloween
Teacher on halloween

Check out what is happening in 5th Grade:

Mt Pleasant Elem_20191003_121638.pdf

Parenting Tips

Summertime - a Great Time to Learn and Grow

Even though kids are not in school - summertime is a great time to continue learning and growth. All research shows that if the brain is not moving forward, it does not stand still, it moves backward. This is true for anyone of any age. Sometimes the loss kids experience is the summer really causes them to struggle when coming back to school in the fall. This can also add extra anxiety and stress for them.

There are a few little things we can do thru summer to help our kids brains continue to thrive...

● Be consistent in setting time aside everyday to read. Summer is a great time to re-read your favorite books and to discover awesome new books. Get signed up for the summer reading program at the Washington City Library - they have lots of books to choose from, they do fun activities and award prizes for reading - & the best part - its free!

● Set some summer learning goals and challenges in your own home.

● Find some fun math games to spend 15 minutes to a half hour on everyday. Realize even a little bit will go a long way in helping them.

A few more ideas:

● Do a summer science lab - Catch some bugs, little critters, or plants and study them - look them up on the internet and find out all about them - where do they live, what do they eat, how do they reproduce, how long is their life span, what is their purpose…

● Write in a summer journal - have your kids write everyday about all of their summer adventures… writing is one of the most powerful brain activities there is.

● Make an art activity box - filled with all kinds of art supplies - pull it out on those hot summer afternoons when it is just too hot to be outside and do a fun art project…

● Play fun brain games - there are cool brain games on the Ipad, but even putting a puzzle together or doing crossword puzzles stimulates the brain…

● Plan fun outside activities - summer is a great time for hiking, biking, swimming, fishing, camping….. This is good for everyone in the family!

Avoid too much screen time. When we have all those extra hours in the day it is tempting to spend them in front of a screen - watching TV or playing video games - but all research shows this is not good for the brain. Screen time actually puts the brain into a vegetative or sleep mode. It is important that we help our kids manage their summer screen time. One mom said she got tired of fighting her kids about turning off the television - so she now just turns the cable TV off for the summer - avoiding the fight - genius! :)

Mental Health

MPE 2019-2020 Goals

ELA Goal –

80% of students in each grade level will be green or blue on the ORF DIBELs assessment by the end of the year.

(BOY is 65%)

Math Goal

Each grade level has chosen one specific guaranteed viable curriculum item to focus on. The goal is to have 80% of students prove proficiency on the specific GVC by the end of the year.

Evidence Based Instructional Strategy- Mindfulness