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Mt. Pleasant Elementary is a wonderful school with great students, teachers, and staff.

- Principal Orton

Mt. Pleasant Elementary 3rd graders want to give a big thanks to Utah Rotary Dictionary Project for their NEW dictionaries .

Oh, the fun we have in lunch!!

Parenting Tips

The Power of Thinking Clearly & Accurately

Sometimes the way we think, for kids and adults, prevents us from recognizing our competencies and paralyzes confidence. Our perception can be powerful - for good and bad. Even as adults we can carefully monitor our thinking and make sure it is giving us a healthy perspective.

Because of their brain development, children think in concrete terms, meaning they tend to see problems as entirely their fault or never their fault. They see people as good or bad. Abstract thinking doesn’t usually come until late adolescents. Children also think egocentrically. They see the world as it revolves around them. They struggle with seeing things from someone else’s perspective.

Therefore, there are times when our children probably won’t see things clearly and accurately. When their thinking is a little off, which can cause a pattern of negative emotional reaction, we need to help.

As we are helping them though we need to avoid lectures. Although our advice is offered with good intentions, it often undermines their growing competence. In short, lecturing will often backfire. Keep your words short and simple. We want to guide them to find the right choice on their own. Our words need to promote their growing competence while guiding them to make healthier, wiser, safer choices.

For example when a child says something that is off thinking, such as, “You and dad hate me.” Instead of jumping in defensively, quickly correcting and lecturing, say something like. “Hum, do you really think that is true, or is the truth that we love you and are trying to be good parents to you?” Then if needed, give them some thinking time to figure it out. Helping our kids adjust their perspective to a healthier place is an important part of parenting.

MPE 2018-2019 Goals

ELA Goal – Writing Standard 4

Produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, organization, and style are appropriate to task, purpose, and audience.

Math Goal – Measurement, Data, & Geometry

Integrate measurement, data, and geometry into math lessons each week using strategies throughout the school year.

Evidence Based Instructional Strategy – Metacognition – Yet!

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