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Moroni Elementary

Message from the Principal

We will support every student's learning, promote community involvement, and celebrate achievement.

98 North 200 West

Moroni, UT 84646

Phone: (435) 436-8291

Fax: (435) 436-8401

Home of the Eagles!

The North Sanpete School District COVID-19 Pandemic Response Plan has been updated to reflect current changes and school dismissal through May 1st.

Please review the plan by visiting


"Grab and go" meals will be provided from 10:30 AM-11:30 AM and will be accessed from the doors on the south side of the school (old main entrance). There will be one pickup each day for that day’s lunch and breakfast for the following morning. Meals will not be distributed from the middle or high schools, instead parents can pick them up at the elementary school in your local town.

Students living in Chester, Wales, Freedom, or Jerusalem will have lunch bags delivered to these stops by NSSD buses at the times listed below. If you miss a stop you may come to Moroni Elementary to pick up meals.

9:54 AM- Chester Trailer Court

10:10 AM- Chester Mailboxes (West of Crossroads)

10:21 AM- Wales City Hall

10:38 AM- Freedom, Maple Canyon Road

10:47 AM- Jerusalem (Estly Christensen Lane and West Road)

Instructional Plan During Dismissal by Grade Level

All lesson plans for each grade level are included below. Please email teachers with any questions you have. Please email your child's teacher if you have problems or questions with instruction or lessons. You can contact Mrs. Peterson with questions or concerns.

Google passwords have been reset to the following format:

    • 7 digit State Student Number (SSID) + 4 digit lunch number + First two letters of first name capitalized + First two letters of last name lowercase

For example, student Jane Doe would have the following password:


Instructional Plan

Moroni Elementary School Rules

*Be Safe

Follow instructions. Walk quietly. Keep hands and feet to yourself. Use equipment appropriately.

*Be Respectful

Speak kindly. Follow instructions. Respect property of others. Show kindness to others.

*Be Responsible

Be on time and prepared. Take pride in the school- keep things clean and damage free.

*Be Positive

Encourage and support classmates. Be a friend to everyone. Have fun.