Program Overview

Teacher induction programs are critical to provide support and guidance for the beginning teacher. The NRSD Mentoring program provides a comprehensive and differentiated approach, especially as beginning teachers come from a wide variety of prior college and work experience. Our program pairs up one mentor teacher with a beginning teacher (mentee), as this teacher pairing will work closely with one another for the first year. This collaborative partnership allows for the mentee to be supported in all aspects of the new position, all the way from school logistics to assessments to best instructional practices, and so on. We also provide twelve workshops an academic year, allowing mentors and mentees a choice of which topics to attend. The workshops are also crafted to be differentiated and creative in content, as the beginning teacher group has quite the vast span of grade levels and content areas/ job descriptions.

NRSD is an incredible school district, and we greatly value the talented and dedicated educators in the towns of Bolton, Stow, and Lancaster. Our main goal as co-coordinators is to foster a program to inspire and motivate beginning teachers in the district. We want beginning teachers to feel empowered, well-supported, and most importantly, utterly content with their new position.

As Nelson Mandela once said, "Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world". Thus, our goal is to inspire our beginning teachers to continue doing what they do best: provide the best education possible for our innovative and extraordinary Nashoba students. Thank you for your support on this educational journey!

~Co-Coordinators of the NRSD Mentor Program

Kim Rocha Karen Mayotte