Center K-5 Remote Learning

Spring 2020

Welcome to our Remote Learning page. We will keep our basic information about remote learning here and build this as a resource as we continue to develop our practices. Also, please do not forget to check our school-wide Padlet for morning announcements each day!

Weekly Learning Plans

Teachers will create weekly learning plans and send them to parents before Monday morning of each week. These plans will help guide students and families as to what learning activities/assignments are taking place during the week. Some additional information:

  • These are guides for a whole week. It is totally reasonable that students may need to do more assignments one day and less assignments another day.

  • We want students to prioritize literacy and math each day.

  • Students are going to be asked to do a balance of online and offline activities.

  • Specialists have posted their activities to a Padlet which is accessible through the classroom teacher’s weekly plan (and Seesaw or Google Classroom)

Seesaw (K-2 Students)

Students in K-2 Classrooms will be using the Seesaw application to view and respond to online assignments.

  • Teachers will send each student in their class a unique login code

  • To learn how to login with the code, please view the login video

  • Please go to the Seesaw Login Page and choose to login as “I’m a Student”

Google Classroom (3-5 Students)

Students in 3-5 will be using the Google Classroom application to view and respond to online assignments.

  • Students should already have their login credentials, if they do not have them they should reach out to the teacher

  • Here are directions to login to Google Chrome if they haven’t done so yet

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