Helping our students reach their goals is at the forefront of the mission of Norfolk Public Schools. The NPS Instructional Model incorporates teaching strategies necessary to help our students achieve success.

About the NPS Instructional Model

The NPS Instructional Model includes seven components for creating engaging lessons. The Model is intended to be used in all grades, PK-12, and in every subject area.

The Components

The seven components in the Instructional Model are Spark, Objective, Student-Focused Instruction, Assessment, Closure, Technology Integration, and Professional Practices. To learn more about each of these components, visit the pages on this site.

The History

In 2017, a taskforce of teacher leaders from Norfolk Public Schools was selected to collaboratively design a model to be used throughout the entire district, PK-12. The purpose of this model is to provide a common language of instructional practices for staff, students, and community stakeholders. The first year of implementation was 2018-2019.

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NPS Instructional Model Handout

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NPS Instructional Model Poster