University of Nebraska-Kearney

Professional Portfolio

Masters in Montessori Education

Professional Qualifications

K-12 Classroom Technology Endorsement

Coaching Endorsement

Dakota State University, expired 2018

(attended 8/2011 until 5/3/2013)

  • B.S. Music Merchandising w/ Business Minor

South Dakota State University

(attended 8/2002 - 12/2006)

Professional Experiences


Before graduating from Dakota State University with my elementary education degree, I was able to secure my first teaching position with Holy Spirit Elementary, teaching 5th grade and coaching 7th grade girls basketball. During my year with the Sioux Falls Catholic School District, I also organized and ran a 3-6 grade Girls on the Run Club.


After moving to Nebraska in 2014 I gained employment with the Norfolk Public School District in Norfolk, Nebraska as a substitute teacher and paraprofessional educator. After one year in that position, I became the full time 3rd grade teacher for one year, followed by three years teaching 4th grade.


In the spring of 2019 I was asked to consider a position in the Lincoln Montessori Public Elementary School within the Norfolk Public School District. With this position, I am required to seek training in Montessori Education. This career move has inspired me to seek a Master's Degree in Montessori Education.

While with NPS I have hosted and presented various educational technology seminars, as well as presented at the Nebraska Educational Technology Association's spring convention in 2018 in Omaha, Nebraska.

Professional and Educational Goals

In the last year I have focused on writing and speaking about my goals as if I have already accomplished them. I have found this helps with the way I think about and achieve my goals on a daily basis.

I am an exceptional educator of children.

I continue to challenge myself on a daily basis. I am always seeking ways to improve in educating children. I believe an exceptional educator is always seeking ways to learn and grow. I will know I have reached this goal when I receive positive feedback from administrators, families, and my students.

I continue to work on and improve my classroom management.

I learn something new about classroom management every year. No two groups of students are the same, and each year I grow in the area of classroom management. I believe effective classroom managements looks like a classroom efficiently run by the students, while being guided by the teacher.

I teach and inspire other educators.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge with other educators. This goal focuses of collaboration with other people in the education field. I will attend PLCs, seminars, events, and other obligations that will help me continue to learn new things and share the information with those that surround me, as well as those in social media and in my district.

I empower students with making their own choices, and using their voice.

I have been working on this goal for the last two years, and will continue to do so throughout my teaching experiences. I believe that when I empower my students to use their voice, and make their own choices in their learning they become stronger citizens of our world. I will know I have achieved this goal when I see a student being successful.

I have a Master's Degree in Montessori Education.

I knew I would pursue a Master's Degree as soon as I got my B.S. degree in Elementary Education. I just did not know the exact moment when that would begin, or what the focus would be. With this career opportunity that I have with Lincoln Montessori Elementary, the focus became immediately clear that I could pursue Montessori education training. This goal will take 2 years, and I know I will have achieved it when I graduate with a Master's in Montessori Education.

I teach at a Montessori Elementary School.

This goal will be achieved relatively soon, as I start at the school in August of 2019. I will secure my place in that school when my Master's degree is complete.

Use of Technology

I attended Dakota State University in Madison South Dakota to receive my degree in elementary education. After completing that degree I also received an endorsement in classroom technology. I have used that endorsement in numerous ways in my 6 years of teaching.

Present at Workshops and Conventions

I have presented at technology workshops in my district on various occasions. I present on ways educators can quickly and efficiently use technology in the classroom. In the "presentations" tab of this website you are able to view the presentation I most recently gave.

I also had the honor to present at the NETA convention in Omaha in the spring of 2018. I submitted a proposal on "Adding to Your Tech. Toolkit" and was accepted.

1:1 at Jefferson Elementary

The last 5 years my elementary school has had 1:1 technology, where I had chrome books in my classroom. I seized this opportunity in many ways. My students and I created a website together. I share information, student examples, and communicate with parents via Seesaw. My students and I use digital data binders to track and understand our learning. The assessments I give my students are exclusively digital using the curriculum's online platforms, or G Suite. This gives me the ability to show my students immediate feedback on their understanding of a concept.

Professional Social Media Presence

I use twitter, instagram, and various facebook groups to communicate, collaborate, and learn from educators all over the world.

Experience with Diversity

Most of my professional experience involves working at Jefferson Elementary, which is a Title I school in Norfolk, NE. Our school has a high rate of free/reduced lunches, and we also send home backpack meals on Fridays with funding support from neighboring businesses. Most of my students come from backgrounds, experiences, and cultures very different from my own. In working with these students and their families I am able to gain understanding of how I can best help.

My school offers monthly Title I family nights inviting families in for meals, technology nights, Book & Game night, and a fall carnival.

Many of my students come from other countries, most from Mexico. We have an ELL department at our school that helps support families and their needs in language learning and translation. We also have support within the district to make calls home to translate information.

Throughout the school year we call attention to different cultures in our curriculum. We highlight different aspects of many cultures, including those of African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans, and European Americans. After discussing stories, and activities relating to these different cultures we would compare our own experiences with those that we were learning about.