Italian Trip

The Italian trip during Spring 2020 will be open to students with at least three years of Italian. Students will be exposed to Italian language and culture to enhance our instructional goals in the three modes of communication: interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational. The trip is directly linked to every unit in the curriculum by providing authentic opportunities to speak, read, and listen in the target language.

Students wishing to go on trip will be required to formally apply. This application may include: student essays, teacher/guidance counselor recommendations, and interviews for the final selection of candidates to ensure a successful event. Our planned tour company is ACIS a trusted student travel company for over 40 years. They will provide full-time tour support during the nine day trip including transportation and a full time tour guide. There will be an appropriate number of chaperones on the trip and all school rules for overseas trips will be observed.

Buongiorno Italia :