Our Schools

Newington High School

605 Willard Avenue, Newington, CT 06111

(860) 666-5611

Ms. Terra A. Tigno, Principal

Mr. Enzo Zocco, Associate Principal-Magee House

Mr. Mario A. Ficocelli, Assistant Principal-Doran House

Mr. Sean M. Colley, Assistant Principal-Stoddard House

John Wallace Middle School

71 Halleran Drive, Newington, CT 06111

(860) 667-5888

Mr. Daniel A. Dias, Principal

Mr. Marco Tirillo, Assistant Principal

Martin Kellogg Middle School

155 Harding Avenue, Newington, CT 06111

(860) 666-5418

Mr. Jason S. Lambert, Principal

Mr. Kevin Doran, Assistant Principal

Anna Reynolds Elementary School

85 Reservoir Road, Newington, CT 06111

(860) 521-7830

Mr. Jason W. Smith, Principal

Elizabeth Green Elementary School

30 Thomas Street, Newington, CT 06111

(860) 666-3394

Mr. James Marciano, Principal

John Paterson Elementary School

120 Church Street, Newington, CT 06111

(860) 666-4657

Mr. Michael S. Gaydos, Principal

Ruth Chaffee Elementary School

160 Superior Avenue, Newington, CT 06111

(860) 666-4687

Mrs. Beverly A. Lawrence, Principal

Departments & Services


Mrs. Pamela S. Muraca, Acting Superintendent of Schools

(860) 665-8610

Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment

Mrs. Wendy Crouse, Assistant Superintendent

Ms. Kristen Freeman, Director of Secondary Education

Mr. John Salerno, Director of Educational Technology

(860) 665-8620

Office of Human Capital Development

Mr. Stephen Foresi, Assistant Superintendent

Mrs. Kimberly Davis, Director of Human Resources

(860) 665-8630

Special Education & Student Services

Mrs. Marilena Gulioso, Director of Student Services

Mrs. Clare Salerno, Assistant Director–Secondary

Mrs. Alexandra Heslin, Assistant Director–Elementary

(860) 665-8650

Finance & Operations

Mr. Lou Jachimowicz, Chief Finance & Operations Officer

(860) 665-8640

Transportation Services

Transportation Policy: Under Newington Board of Education Policy, 3541(b), bus transportation is provided to:

  • All Kindergarten students.
  • Pupils in grades 1-4 who live a distance of .75 miles or more from the school to which they are assigned.
  • Pupils in grades 5-8 who live a distance of 1.25 miles or more from the school to which they are assigned.
  • Pupils in grades 9-12 who live 1.75 miles or more from Newington High School.

(860) 666-2441

Food & Nutrition Services

Ms. Dana Markovics, Director of Food & Nutrition Services

(860) 665-8635

Health Services

Mrs. Mercy Hetherington, School Nurse Administrator

(860) 666-5611 ext. 1164

Student Registration & Security

All new and returning residents seeking the enrollment of their children in the Newington Schools must register with the Residency Office before students will be allowed to attend classes. Newington Public Schools has a centralized Registration Office located at Newington High School.

Mr. Richard Klett, Director of Residency & Security

(860) 666-5611 ext. 1131

School Counseling Services

Mr. J. Seth Korn, Director of School Counseling and Educational Assessment

(860) 666-5611 ext. 1636

NHS Athletics

Mr. Christopher Meyers, Director of Athletics & Activities

(860) 666-5611 ext. 1188 |