Tech Support

Tech Support for students who are FULL DISTANCE LEARNING ONLY.

Students who are in-person (hybrid/full or quarantined) beginning again on 12/25/2020, should contact their Media Specialist or Educational Technology Teacher at their respective school in order to receive a replacement device.

Please update your student’s device (directions) and in addition, try to force reboot the device by following these steps to see if the problem persists, before making the appropriate contact. If you are experiencing camera/microphone issues perform a camera/microphone and accessibility check. Here are the directions. All families are also encouraged to purchase Chromebook insurance at

Google Meet Assistance

Click here for a Google Meet cheat sheet.

Internet Access

As part of the Everybody Learns initiative, please visit this resource first.

Any family without reliable internet access should reach out to their cell phone carrier. Most companies are providing increased access to data and cell phones can be used as a hotspot. See article here (

Comcast Announces Comprehensive COVID-19 Response to Help Keep Americans Connected to the Internet (

Verizon's Response to COVID-19 (

Here is a document that summarizes all of the options in the state of CT (

If all the above options are exhausted, please fill out the Tech Support request form above.

Grades 5-12 Email Access

Effective March 23, 2020, students in Grades 5-12 were transitioned over to use Gmail as their email platform. Click on the links below to access student log-in to NPS email. Students in Grades 5-12 have access to email with their address. Student email addresses are their