Newington Public Schools

Distance Learning

Welcome to Newington Public Schools Distance Learning to begin on March 19, 2020.

Schools are closed for the safety, health, and welfare of students, staff, and the greater community. While nothing can replace the value on your teachers, this is a great time for you to continue your learning until we re-open. Newington Public Schools has established Distance Learning days so that students can continue learning from home during this extended school closure. This website will provide information and resources for Distance Learning.

Remote teaching and learning will take many forms and you can expect that there will be communication, progress monitoring, and/or feedback between teachers and students. While Distance Learning is not the same as the regular classroom environment, it can provide some continuity when school is interrupted. It will also serve to further prepare our students for today's digital world.

Newington Schools is providing these resources to keep your minds and bodies active during this time.

Teacher Availability

Teachers (as well as administrators and other certified staff members) will be available by email or other digital learning spaces such as Google Classroom, Google Hangouts Meet, Seesaw, etc.

In general, teachers will communicate their expectations and daily assignments by 9:00 am each school day.

While not online continuously, teachers will monitor email and other communication with students and parents regularly throughout the school day.

School Calendar

The State of Connecticut has allowed us to count Distance Learning days toward the 180-school day requirement. They have also indicated that districts will not make-up days related to this closing. Thus, at this time our last day of school will be June 15th.

Distance Learning Feedback

Distance Learning is a new process for all of us. We appreciate everyone's understanding and flexibility during this time.

In the future, we will reach out to students, staff, and parents for feedback so we can assess what went well and what can be improved.